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Welcome! I’m Janet and I’m here to introduce you to a better way of losing weight and staying healthy! Watch my video and you’ll see how I’ve gone from a UK size 30, down to a size 8 after having lost 189lbs in weight! I didn’t follow any diet or have any list of foods I could or couldn’t have. I simply followed a really common sense system which, coupled with the astonishing power of hypnotherapy, made losing weight easier than ever before. So, are you looking for something different? Do you want to lose weight for good and leave diets behind forever? Yes? Great…. let me guide you how….

Are you looking for something different?

Do you want to lose weight? Have you tried conventional diets before? Maybe it feels like you’ve tried all of them? Do you struggle to stick with them long term? Have you yo-yo’d your way back up the scales again? Have you finally decided diets aren’t for you and you need to find something different; something that you can stick to for life that finally puts you back in control of your relationship with food? Yes? Well, this is definitely the system for you!

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My Biggest UK Dress Size

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My Commitment to your success

How It Works

Combining the habits of naturally slim people with the power of hypnotherapy and unparalleled support to create sustained weight loss success

Click through the tabs to understand why diets don’t work, how we should therefore find a different way to lose weight and be like naturally slim people and how the power of hypnosis can help us do that.

…in my opinion anyway! At my biggest, I was a size 30 and you don’t get to that size without having tried every diet going! Now its true, if you go on a conventional diet and manage to stick to the rules, some of which are more bizarre than others, then you’ll likely lose weight. They key thing though is more often than not, for what ever reason, people stop following the diet and revert to their old habits again (which saw them overweight in the first place) and any weight lost is regained, together with a few pounds more. It’s a really destructive yo-yo cycle and some experts believe causes issues with metabolism, making losing weight even more challenging.



The truth is, the key to long term weight loss is not with food but our RELATIONSHIP with food. When people stop dieting, they revert to old habits and put weight back on…but what if we changed those old habits? What if we reprogrammed our minds to change the behaviours that saw us become overweight in the first place? What if we started thinking and behaving like naturally slim people where willpower isn’t needed because our mindsets have changed so radically, we don’t want to emotionally eat, binge eat or eat foods we know won’t help us remain slim and healthy? The answer is long term, life changing weight loss. Even if you don’t have a great deal to lose, this is life changing, because with this system you never have to diet again. Imagine being free from food? Imagine being free from worrying? Imagine feeling so in control and knowing you are now one of those ‘naturally slim people’ with a new found happiness you didn’t even realise you were lacking. Imagine no more. Let’s make this happen!!!

Have you noticed how naturally slim people don’t seem to be troubled by food? If someone comes into the office with cakes, they can take it or leave it? They seem to have ultimate willpower except they don’t need willpower because it’s clear food doesn’t control them. Food doesn’t consume their minds and their lives seem simpler for it. The reason is because they naturally follow 4 very simple rules. These are standards they intuitively live by.

  • They eat when they are hungry.
  • They eat what they fancy to eat.
  • They eat slowly enjoying each mouthful.
  • They stop when they are full.

It really is that simple but for complicated reasons, people who struggle with their weight follow different rules. Their minds have been subject to a different programming and as a result, they hold excessive weight.

The key to long term weight loss is therefore to straighten out what could be considered as faulty programming, and reprogram our minds to think and behave like naturally slim people. It’s how I lost 189lbs and why for the first time ever, I’ve kept the weight off. It’s why I’m now in control of food and why I use it for fuel and not comfort. It’s why I’m here today, hoping to ‘pass it forward’ and help as many people as possible unlock the power within them to lose weight and keep it off…and never diet again!


The mind is characterised in two ways. The conscious mind and the un/subconscious mind. The conscious mind contains all of the thoughts, memories, feelings, and wishes of which we are aware at any given moment whereas the subconscious mind is responsible for all our autonomic processes that you don’t have to think about – our heart rate, blood pressure, breathing etc.  It’s also where our thoughts, memories and accumulated experiences reside that control our emotions, our habits, our morals and our responses to the world

Our conscious reactions and decisions in every day life are largely driven by the underlying feelings, habits and emotions contained within our subconscious mind and so when we stop a diet and revert to old habits, it’s the unhelpful learned habits contained within the subconscious mind that drives the behaviour that sees us put weight back on. Critical, therefore, to long term weight loss is changing the feelings and habits surrounding food in our subconscious mind. Reprogramming those unhelpful learned behaviours to those enjoyed by naturally slim people…and that’s where hypnotherapy comes in.

Some people are sceptical of hypnosis. They think of people being made to cluck like a chicken on stage or worry that someone will be able to control their minds and actions and give up their life-savings!

They also imagine being under hypnosis is being out of control and unaware of their surroundings; like they’re taken to a different place of which they’ll later have no conscious memory. None of that is true. You are always within your own control as hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation, similar in feeling to that moment when you’re just about to fall asleep. It’s during that time that the subconscious brain is most accessible and suggestible. We can speak to it and update it with new and more helpful information which your conscious brain will refer to later when faced with decisions to make around food. You won’t ‘want’ to eat unless you’re definitely hungry. You will ‘naturally’ start to make improved food choices that support your desire to be slim and healthy. You ‘will’ enjoy your food so much more by eating slowly and you won’t ‘want’ to eat past fullness. Within a short time you won’t need willpower to follow these behaviour standards…you’ll do them naturally. It will become second nature and you’ll discover a freedom from food and a new confidence and ability to lose weight.

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy is well documented and as more research is done and more people enjoy the profound change that can be achieved using hypnosis, it is being accepted as one of the most effective ways of exacting long term change. Certainly, from a weight loss perspective, it has been proven to be 30 times more effective than conventional diets with 70% of people, in a recent study, achieving weight loss equal to at least 10% of their body weight, and of those, 89% keeping it off for more than 2 years. This is compared to a figures published by Weight Watchers of less than 6% achieving 10% weight loss, and of those, just 3.9% keeping it off for more than 2 years. The figures truly do speak for themselves and so if you want to lose weight AND keep it off, using the most effective method available today, then this is the system for you!

The 12 Week Success Programme

plus ongoing support...

When you join Successful Slimming, you get access to our unique 12 Week Success Programme. Over the course of 3 months, I will personally guide you through the system and provide you with all the tools, information and support you need to achieve long term, life changing weight loss. Together with your exclusive weight loss hypnotherapy download, you will also receive exclusive help and support from our Resident Experts: Debbie Williams, Will Polston and The Body Transformers. Debbie is one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapists and Assistant to world renowned hypnotherapist, Paul McKenna and provides all your hypnotic audio downloads. Will is a truly phenomenal mindset coach and strategist and will help you with the crucial task of getting into and staying in the right frame of mind to lose weight! Finally, The Body Transformers are a team, made up of Ben and Steveo, who assist with the fitness side of the programme, encouraging and helping you to find ways to allow exercise into your day and increase your fitness. To find out more on our Resident Experts, click the button below:

Benefit from my experience!

Each week, a new module of the 12 Week Success Programme will be presented to you in your Members Area. In it, you will find a video from me explaining all you’ll need to know for the week ahead plus featured golden nugget tips on how to tackle common challenges. The truth is, my weight loss journey wasn’t always smooth. I had big ups and a few pretty horrible downs. But having those experiences has turned out to be invaluable. I’ve learnt a HUGE AMOUNT along the way and know how to tackle pretty much any challenge and during the 12 Week Success Programme and our personal 121 coaching calls, I’ll be passing those learnings on to you. I’m not saying your journey is always going to be plain sailing but with me by your side, motivating you and giving you all my hints and tips, I promise you it’ll be a lot smoother and you WILL succeed! If I can do it, then I promise you, so can you!

What happens at the end of the 12 weeks?

At the beginning of the programme, just like with anything that requires change, you will find it takes some conscious effort to follow the ‘Standards for Success’. However, as time goes by and you continue to listen to the hypnosis and follow the weekly exercises I do with you, you’ll find sticking to the system takes much less effort. Your subconscious will start to take over and this new way of life will become second nature. By the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll have made really strong steps towards reprogramming your mind and your relationship with food for good. Not only will you have lost weight but you will be feeling healthier and more positive about life in general.

These are exciting times and as you begin to grow in confidence, realising how well this is working for you, you’ll start to feel exhilarated, energised and more motivated than ever before!

This is only the beginning though. The last thing I want to do is provide you with a life-changing system and then leave you alone to carry on without support. That would be unforgivable as I know from experience how this kind of change takes time and without the right support, the stresses of life can get in the way and any progress made can be undone.  My genuine passion is for your ongoing success and at the end of the 12 weeks, you will automatically graduate on to being an ongoing member of Successful Slimming. You’ll still have access to all the videos, tools, techniques and support you had during the initial 12 weeks and depending on your membership, you’ll also still have access to me for ongoing personal 121 coaching and support. My mantra and something you’ll hear me say again and again is how you’ve got to “Just Keep Going”. Success is guaranteed if you Just Keep Going!

What Do You Get?…..

Weekly Videos

Weekly videos to provide help, advice & motivation to guide you through the system

Facing Challenges

Additional weekly videos, with golden nugget tips on facing and overcoming challenges

Hypnotherapy Downloads

A collection of specialist hypnotherapy downloads to help with a variety of weight related issues

Mindset Coaching

Powerful mindset coaching to boost motivation and positivity


Online Tracker

Log both weight & non-weight related goals in your Online Tracker

121 Support Calls

Personal 121 support calls with Janet to motivate & help with any issues

Facebook Group

Supportive private Facebook Group exclusively for members of Successful Slimming

Fitness Coaching

Help, motivation & challenges from our Resident Fitness Experts



Everyone loves a reward and when you’ve worked hard to change embedded habits, you deserve one! Which is why we regularly run challenges on our secret Facebook Group which will allow you the opportunity to be rewarded with one of several great bonus items! Below is just a small selection of rewards each and every one of our members can achieve. Visit our exclusive Facebook Group for more information!


SOS Emergency Help Pack for those times when you risk self sabotage & need immediate help!

Easy Body Measuring Tape to measure your body and achievements.

Activity Tracker with heart rate monitor to measure daily activity and motivate you to move more.

Bluetooth Smart Scales with accompanying app. Measure your weight, fat, muscle, water and more.

How effective is Successful Slimming?

It’s a well known and depressing fact that the majority of people who diet, go on to regain their weight loss, and sometimes more. Here, we look at the scientifically proven figures* showing the number of people who lose 10% of their body weight using conventional diets versus those who use hypnotherapy with a system like Successful Slimming.


Effectiveness of Conventional Diets


Of those dieters, % who kept it off for 2 years


Effectiveness of using hypnotherapy with Successful Slimming


Of those using hypnotherapy, % who kept it off for 2 years

*Study by British Journal of Nutrition on “Weight Loss Maintenance after successful completion of a weight-loss programme (Weight Watchers)”

Study by Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology on “Effects of hypnotherapy in weight loss treatment”

What People Are Saying

“The help & personal support Janet gives is fantastic. She really gave me the push I needed to put me, my health & happiness first. “


Graphic Designer

“This is the first time anything like this has really clicked for me. It’s like I’ve got my mojo back & for once I truly believe I can do it!”


Office Manager

“This is just GREAT! I’m finally free from diets! I never imagined being able to lose weight & still eat what I want. I’ve lost 12lbs so far & feel fab.”


Retail Assistant

If you want……


To lose weight & keep it off without conventional dieting, using a system that easily integrates into the lives of you & your family?


A refreshing system that understands that long term weight loss isn’t about food but your habits & relationship with food?


To follow a system so successful, it’s been scientifically proven to be 30 times more effective for long term weight loss than conventional diets?


Unprecedented regular 1-2-1 coaching, motivation & support from someone whose been there, done it & lost 189lbs & who is committed to your success?


A refreshing, common sense approach to weight loss where you can eat what you want without a barrage of restrictions or counting of calories?


A system that uses the incredible power of hypnosis & NLP to reprogram the mind, making changing habits & following the system second nature?

……then this system is for you!

Click on the link below to choose your level of membership plus your free bonuses, and let’s get started TODAY!

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Let’s make this time, the time you really make your weight loss goals a reality!

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